The Jerk Synopsis

Do you recall the 1979 movie The Jerk starring Steve Martin? In the opening scenes he 100% is convinced that he is a negro. Why does he believe it? Not because he was a child although much of the movie he behaved like a child (he was unlearned of life’s experiences). He believed it becauseContinue reading “The Jerk Synopsis”


Have you ever stopped to think why it’s history rather than herstory? After reading quite an astonishing history of House of Egibi, I learned much of what we know and do is not based on what actually happened. We’ve been lied to by governments, churches and rich societies. They’ve lied and continued to lie becauseContinue reading “Herstory”

Astral Interpretation

“One can only form an idea of something akin to his experiences. A man who has never tasted anything sweet cannot form an idea of sugar. Without experience or consciousness of a thing, our minds are unable to form a concept.” – William Walter Atkinson About 8 months ago, I revisited research information found overContinue reading “Astral Interpretation”


a figure of speech involving the comparison of one thing with another thing of a different kind, used to make a description more emphatic or vivid Philosophy is to Physics as Religions are to The Mind Philosophers asked questions in an attempt to solve life’s mysteries. Physics arrived to solve those mysteries. Religions give absolutesContinue reading “Simile”

Taking a Break

“The golden rule is to test everything in the light of reason and experience, no matter from whom it comes.” – Mahatma Gandhi Had I not had a recent few interactions with my father, quite possibly, I might not have stumbled upon further knowledge that is requiring me to use my mind/brain. I’ve chosen toContinue reading “Taking a Break”