a figure of speech involving the comparison of one thing with another thing of a different kind, used to make a description more emphatic or vivid Philosophy is to Physics as Religions are to The Mind Philosophers asked questions in an attempt to solve life’s mysteries. Physics arrived to solve those mysteries. Religions give absolutesContinue reading “Simile”

Taking a Break

“The golden rule is to test everything in the light of reason and experience, no matter from whom it comes.” – Mahatma Gandhi Had I not had a recent few interactions with my father, quite possibly, I might not have stumbled upon further knowledge that is requiring me to use my mind/brain. I’ve chosen toContinue reading “Taking a Break”

The Serpent

“Through the reading of popular scientific books, I soon reached the conviction that much in the stories of the Bible could not be true. The consequence was a positively fanatic orgy of freethinking coupled with the impression that youth is intentionally being deceived by the state through lies; it was a crushing impression” – AlbertContinue reading “The Serpent”

Expectations Cloud Experience

I wanted to name the title “Great Expectations” as a play on words of Charles Dickens magnificent work, but if I had; it may have clouded what I’m about to write. I had a rather long dream last night and I won’t go into the details (same house; except upper house orderly and remodeled) becauseContinue reading “Expectations Cloud Experience”

A Good Story (A Christ Parody)

From here on out…Benjamin Schleibenhammerstew information will be distributed when I’m out and about. Most everyone likes a good story even if it’s pure fantasy. I can create a believable story using day to day interactions and my knowledge of life experiences and understanding of the human element. 1. We have the name 2. AContinue reading “A Good Story (A Christ Parody)”

It’s a Wonderful Life

It’s one of my favorite movies. “A Christmas Carol” is a favorite too. They are both favorites not for the typical reason one might expect. Rather, I like them for the same element they each provide of curiosity. In an alternate universe, what was George Bailey doing while the other George Bailey was hanging outContinue reading “It’s a Wonderful Life”

Two Be or Not too bee..Honey?

Language is fascinating but it all changes in the eye (mind) of the beholder. Laws and rules were made by emperors, queens, kings, men, woman and humans. I wonder if computer code, which is created by humans, eventually, over time can rewrite its own programming? Laws and rules are ambiguous. Too many of them andContinue reading “Two Be or Not too bee..Honey?”