“Hay is for horses, straw is for cows, Milk is for babies that cry out loud.” – The Lore and Language of Schoolchildren, 1959

The above idiom is familiar but it has various different endings. In fact, Jonathan Swift’s version includes pigs and sows.

Animals don’t create objects of desire. Rather they eat their own shit the closer death nears. So why do humans create objects of desire?

Allegedly, those desert wandering Israelites created a golden calf. Similarly, those born-again Christians created a man-god.

I suppose it’s an innate personal void in their life. Certainly, if the person were content with the hand they were dealt they wouldn’t “create” an object that will entice further wants later in life or “create” an object that will solve their fear of the unknown.

Building an “idol” is on account of an identity issue. Think about it. If a person lacked nothing and wanted nothing, perhaps it is because their mind is content.

It’s one thing to believe in something you can’t see, yet continue to seek it from greater than one source or venue; but it’s foolishness (identity problem) to continue to seek the hidden “message” in the same place every single time; yet claim its existence is based purely on faith. It could be both narrow-minded and borderline delusional.

Published by Benjamin Schleibenhammerstew

Hello there. Everyone is an expert in their own mind. In the Present, we think about the Past, which dictates our Future. Don’t beat yourself up about The Past; there were too many non-constant variables to predict The Future. However, if you end up treating the Future like a crystal ball don’t be disappointed in it’s outcome but remember it ultimately was your Own Choice. Subconsciously living in a Conscious world or is it the other way around? Benjamin Schleibenhammerstew

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