History of Perception

The Sun or the Moon.

During the day, even when it’s cloudy outside; the sun sits in the sky.

Even when it’s a blazing blizzard; the moon sits in the sky. The moon and stars are always somewhere in the sky, but we can’t always see them.

If it weren’t for the sun there would be no light reflection on the moon.

The sun is known for light and its energy creates life.

The moon, traditionally, is known for being seen at night during the darkness when there is an absence of light even though it glows on account of the sun.

In ancient times, thousands of years ago, the Sun was known and worshipped as Sol.

In ancient times, the Moon was known and worshiped as Sin.

Nowadays and for a couple thousand years, it’s interesting how mankind associates ‘sin’ with darkness, negative energy, being bad, evilness, etc.

I’d be willing to bet the vast majority are unfamiliar with the terms ‘Mandaeism’ or ‘Natalis Invicti’.

Everything is recycled; it comes back with a different name.

But all things that are reproved are made manifest by the light: for whatsoever doth make manifest is light. – Ephesians 5:13


Published by Benjamin Schleibenhammerstew

Hello there. Everyone is an expert in their own mind. In the Present, we think about the Past, which dictates our Future. Don’t beat yourself up about The Past; there were too many non-constant variables to predict The Future. However, if you end up treating the Future like a crystal ball don’t be disappointed in it’s outcome but remember it ultimately was your Own Choice. Subconsciously living in a Conscious world or is it the other way around? Benjamin Schleibenhammerstew

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