If a person seeks materialistic things then the odds are quite high they will also seek attention.

Have you ever met a modest living person who bragged about themselves?

Since there is a positive and a negative to everything; I’m trying to intentionally focus on what I hear and see and then think the opposite as a possible outcome. Both from a psychological and biological perspective. Over time, it might be mastered but in the meantime it is interesting not only to watch how people act but also listen to what they say while they act.

For example, suppose a person has few concerns as most of their needs are met and there is little responsibility. This person has a good job and few expenses. Has seemingly healthy and happy relationships and is kind and friendly. What more could they want?

Well…if they’re not intentionally focusing on who they’re or why they do what they do they may become bored with their seemingly ‘perfect’ life and seek outward attention. Perhaps, why these types of girls seek after the ‘bad boys’ or are discreet at work but wild behind closed doors or have a ‘perfect’ marriage but want a baby (let’s be honest…if her friends have babies she wants one too).

What about the ugly, fat girl you knew in elementary school? Externally, you thought you knew her but because she was ugly and fat you never took the time to know her internally. 20yrs later, she looks amazing on the surface but from the years of verbal abuse and isolation she no longer has a moderate internal self-esteem and she’s glad she has her outward appearance to rely upon.

That’s when you realize she seeks non-stop attention because it is what gives her motivation whereas in the elementary years food gave her motivation when she was isolated and verbally abused. She replaced 1 motivator with another motivator except now the physical appearance motivator appears more healthy than the poor self-esteem motivator in the early years. She’s still the same person; she just looks different.

Opposites do attract…nature finds a way, but balance is the key.

Published by Benjamin Schleibenhammerstew

Hello there. Everyone is an expert in their own mind. In the Present, we think about the Past, which dictates our Future. Don’t beat yourself up about The Past; there were too many non-constant variables to predict The Future. However, if you end up treating the Future like a crystal ball don’t be disappointed in it’s outcome but remember it ultimately was your Own Choice. Subconsciously living in a Conscious world or is it the other way around? Benjamin Schleibenhammerstew

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