Astral Interpretation

“One can only form an idea of something akin to his experiences. A man who has never tasted anything sweet cannot form an idea of sugar. Without experience or consciousness of a thing, our minds are unable to form a concept.” – William Walter Atkinson

About 8 months ago, I revisited research information found over at CIA’s reading room. The topic discussed astral projection. Two years ago, when I first read about it; I learned about Robert Monroe and Hemi-Sync. I tried to replicate what I had read but honestly I had more of an interest of its history (where it began) than taking the time to understand how it works (and I didn’t want to spend $500 on CD’s).

The CIA reading room assisted me with understanding astral projection from their point of view. In a nutshell, you have a ‘dreamer’ (an astral projector), a ‘facilitator’ and an ‘interpreter’. The ‘dreamer’ follows Monroe’s scientifically proven process and ‘enters’ into another ‘plane’ of existence where time doesn’t exist. The ‘facilitator’ then gives key words about places, names or objects, for which the ‘dreamer’ seeks, the ‘interpreter’ then draws what the ‘dreamer’ states was seen.

Now about 8 months ago, I thought “well what if the ‘dreamer’ isn’t well-versed in his own life experiences, or isn’t imaginative, or isn’t an avid reader, or isn’t book-smart?” Could it stunt the ‘dreamers’ ability to perceive the information being presented by the ‘facilitator’, which would result in a poor or inaccurate interpretation?

For example, if you had never astral projected but you read about it and you were told about its experience AND then you tried to astral project and were given info by an inexperienced facilitator and an inexperienced interpreter provided an assessment (a reading) then wouldn’t the average layperson who has never heard of the terminology be misled to believe that the ‘dreamer’ had a secret power when in reality it was just power of suggestion.

It dawned on me, if our conscious minds are able to pick up on subtle information via the spiritual consciousness then perhaps while you are brushing your teeth or taking a shower or sleeping, etc., this might be how ideas continue onward through space and time regardless of which physical body the information is presented.

Published by Benjamin Schleibenhammerstew

Hello there. Everyone is an expert in their own mind. In the Present, we think about the Past, which dictates our Future. Don’t beat yourself up about The Past; there were too many non-constant variables to predict The Future. However, if you end up treating the Future like a crystal ball don’t be disappointed in it’s outcome but remember it ultimately was your Own Choice. Subconsciously living in a Conscious world or is it the other way around? Benjamin Schleibenhammerstew

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