Two Be or Not too bee..Honey?

Language is fascinating but it all changes in the eye (mind) of the beholder.

Laws and rules were made by emperors, queens, kings, men, woman and humans. I wonder if computer code, which is created by humans, eventually, over time can rewrite its own programming?

Laws and rules are ambiguous. Too many of them and because they incorporate words that is what makes them ambiguous.

Still though, the written and oral word is fascinating.

For example, recently I assisted at a food bank. My role (rule) was to place apples into bags. Ten in each. The rotten or bruised apples were thrown away. Someone in the group said, “There are some bad apples. I don’t mean bad people, I mean bad fruit.”

Another example, language in my divorce decree requires that I disclose every tax season my W2’s to show if I have made a certain amount because if greater than the certain amount then financial assistance is cut-off. “Realtors and other self-employed people don’t have W2’s”.

Recently, I sought customer assistance via telephone and the person on the receiving end (which end they’re two, right?) was difficult to understand. He kept asking me to repeat myself but stated he was there to help. I said, “I shouldn’t have to waste time repeating myself because you can’t understand me. Please transfer me to someone who understands the English language.” The other person said, “Please hold, I will transfer you to your Native.”

When someone asks “where does milk come from?” Do you immediately think: cow, almond tree, soybean plant or something else?

When something is written and I’m sure all writers and authors forget the following: the person’s emotions, feelings and mindset cannot be duplicated when it is read by another person or even by the author or writer after the words have been initially conceived.

That’s why if you stop for a moment and think about how you feel in this exact moment, based on what you have read above, you are unable to ‘record’ those exact thoughts, feelings or ideas that led to those initial thoughts, feelings or ideas.

As a result, don’t fall into the mindset that everything you read, see or hear to be absolute truth. Many wars, religions and arguments have been produced, as a result. Instead, be a critical thinker. Not a cynic thinker; instead be a thinker who can provide facts to support personal experiences and convictions.

Published by Benjamin Schleibenhammerstew

Hello there. Everyone is an expert in their own mind. In the Present, we think about the Past, which dictates our Future. Don’t beat yourself up about The Past; there were too many non-constant variables to predict The Future. However, if you end up treating the Future like a crystal ball don’t be disappointed in it’s outcome but remember it ultimately was your Own Choice. Subconsciously living in a Conscious world or is it the other way around? Benjamin Schleibenhammerstew

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